Mr. Ali Bapir The Amir of KIK had a meeting with the Political Council


Ali Bapir The master of KIK had a meeting with the Political Council


Under the administration of Ali Bapir the Political Council of Kurdistan Islamic Komal/Iraq (KIK) had done their regular meeting on August 7, 2018 in Erbil. In the meeting they discussed the present political situations in Kurdistan and Iraq, the political council did confirm of unchangeable pronouncements of the Kurdistan Islamic Group/Iraq, they keened on doing election on its time and also wondered the next election will be fair and free of cheating and forgers. In the meeting they discussed on the KIK’s preparation for the next Kurdistan parliamentary elections on September 30. In the other parts of the meeting the Political Council discussed Election Evaluation Committee Islamic Group’s report in the elections of May 12, 2018 and made a decision to implement the recommendations. Then the political council of KIK showed their objections regarding the alignment of the Independent High Electoral commission’s duties on recounting votes by hands to prevent from forgers.