With the presence of Mr. Ali Bapir, the political council of KIK had a meeting.


Mr. Ali Bapir the president of KIK dominated the political council of KIK had its regular meeting. While the meeting, the political council was discussing the political condition of Kurdistan Region and Iraq. And also they pointed out the sings of political change in the state.

In the other axis of the meeting the continuous attitude of KIK had been emphasized for the interests of the people. However they discussed the readiness for the successful congress which is decided that KIK do its fourth congress this year. The KIK’s political council said that all KIK’s members and bodies should try to have a successful congress for purpose of making KIK develop its agenda in future.

And also the political council discussed the election of governorate Councils in Iraq, and to facilitate a normal relationship between Kurdish parties especially in nationalities. So they could get their nationality goals especially in Kirkuk.