Mr. Ali Bapir received the deputy of Said Ammar Hakim in Erbil


Mr. Ali Bapir the Emir of the Kurdistan Islamic Komal (KIK) in his special office in Erbil the capital of Kurdistan Region received Mr. Abdullah Zaidy the onus of Kurdish folder in Al-Hikma foundation.

In the friendship meeting, they discussed correlation between Kurdistan Islamic Komal and national Hikma Front and make it onward.

Although political changes in Iraq generally and Kurdistan region specially had been discussed.

In the other axis of the meeting they discussed the unstable circumstances of the other parts of the disputed areas and the probability of reoccurring the instability because of the ISIS activities. both agreed that caring of this matter is needed thee coordination of very bodies and try to solve the conflicts between them which is still remain between KRG and Centre. so as to strength the correlations and controle  any bad probability enspecially in Kirkuk and the other parts of the disputed areas.