Mr. Ali Bapir received the Head of United Nations office in Kurdistan Region.


Mr. Ali Bapir received the Head of United Nations office in Kurdistan Region.

Mr. Ali Bapir, the Chair of Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal), received Ricardo Rodriguez, the Head of UNAMI Office in Kurdistan Region on Wednesday, the 4th of December 2019. The closed-door meeting between Bapir and Rodriguez took place in Bapir’s special office in Erbil.

The meeting mainly revolved around the current political situation of Iraq and Kurdistan Region, especially the relations between Erbil and Baghdad and the recent memorandum of understanding on budget bill between both parties and the KRG’s quota in the Appropriation bill.

In the meeting, Mr. Ali Bapir commented on the long-running disputes between Kurdistan Region and Baghdad regarding the Budget. “The major factor that sparked the disputes was due to selling oil independently by KRG since the beginning of 2014 and turning a blind eye to Baghdad’s concerns.” the Chair of Komal said during the discussion. Bapir also pointed out that Kurdistan region experienced a severe downturn in the economy due to lack of transparency and justice.

In addition, Mr. Ali Bapir explicitly asserted that the daily Iraqi protests are the concrete manifestation of the citizens’ anger and outrage against the injustice and gross corruption piled up in the past 14 years.

Furthermore, the Turkish offensive into the West of Kurdistan (north-eastern Syria) was another focus of the bilateral discussion. Bapir informed UN’s envoy that the military assault was quite disgusting and evil; therefore, Komal previously

maintained an oppositional stance against the operation in a statement