Sheikh Ali Bapir paid a visit to Iraqi President

Sheikh Ali Bapir paid a visit to Iraqi President

Sheikh Ali Bapir paid a visit to Iraqi President

Along with delegation, Sheikh Ali Bapir, the Chair of Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal) paid an official visit to Iraqi President Barham Salih on Sunday, the 12th of July 2020 in Mergapan, Sulaymaniyah.

During the meeting, the two exhaustively discussed the latest political developments of Iraq generally and Kurdistan Region especially.

Regarding the current crises that faced by the people of Iraq and Kurdistan Region, the parties heavily stressed the need to efficiently handle those dire troubles through constructive and serious dialogues among all parties, finding a comprehensive and effective solution, and resorting to Constitution. Additionally, both Sheikh Bapir and President Salih particularly emphasized that the outstanding problems should be resolved immediately with the aim of firmly securing the sources of people”s livelihood.

In the course of the summit, the two sides reiterated that both the federal government and Kurdistan Regional government (KRG) must reach a binding agreement on improving people’s livelihood, covering the salaries of all KRG’s civil servants and equally safeguarding the fundamental rights of all citizens.

The joint session similarly shed light upon the bombardment of villages on Kurdistan border and the significance of strengthening the national security of Kurdistan Region.

On his part, President Salih hailed the latest comprehensive road map developed by Sheikh Bapir which details the long-standing problems of Kurdistan region and sorting them out.