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Victory through Adversity

Sheikh Ali Bapir, the Leader of Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal) was arrested by the American soldiers on 10th of July 2003. Bapir was released without any charge after spending 22 months in a US-run prison in Iraq. Following his release on April 28th, 2005, Bapir, received a big enthusiastic and warm welcome from the Kurdish public and his supporters.

After a while, a leading journalist named Hawzhin Omar conducted a press interview with Sheikh Ali Bapir from 13th of June 2005 to 10th of July 2005. During the interview, Bapir revealed the minute details of his arrest by the US Army and his imprisonment. The exclusive interview was later compiled into a book entitled “Ashkanj w Zindan” which literally means “Torture and Prison”. In addition, it was translated into Arabic, English and Persian under the following titles:

  1. Arabic: “Amir Wara’ Alqadban” Published by Dar Al-Hikma, London

    2. English: “Victory Through Adversity” Published by Dar Al-Hikma, London

    3. Persian: “Payan Shab Seyah\ Khatirat 22 Mah Zindan Amir Jama’at İslami Kurdistan Iraq”

    The discussion is divided into eight sections as follows:

    1. The Status quo prior to Imprisonment

    2. The Manner of the Arrest

    3. The Prison, Its Prisoners and Acquaintance

    4. The Allegations and the Inquiries

    5. Torture

    6. The Prison Mates

    7. The Method of Spending Time in the detention center

    8. The Unforgettable Positions and Treatments in the Prison

    Written in Erbil

    Initially Published by Komal Newspaper

    First Edition 2020

    Book Size: 17cm * 24cm

    Number of Pages: 500

    Published by Dar Al-Hikma – London

    ISBN : 978-1-78481-177-8